The Dwelling Place

My paintings are symbolist poems arising from conversations between my inner world and Nature.

Known for her singular artistic practice that summons the unconscious to create powerful connections animated by the natural world, Kelley’s new series of work arises from the experience of being a witness and survivor of the Tsunami of December 2004 in Thailand and her remarkable life altering meeting with the “working” elephants there.

I Migrate Back is a series of collaged sumi-e ink and pastel drawings using the traditional Asian gold offering papers as the grid and ground for evocative gestural images inspired by screens from the seventeenth-century Edo period in Japan.

Depicting varieties of birds, deer and elephants this sequential body of work explores the soul of animals, our connection to them and to the anima mundi—the soul of the world.

Kelley sees her art making as a mediumistic endeavor—a redemptive act evoking form from the formless, creating bridges between worlds. The animals and birds in her work appear as beneficent visitors in this boundless space.

The boundaries between us
Disappear more each day
No longer solid wind blows through me

I left parts of me on the mountain
Look for me amongst
The leaves and lichen

This shining world
Take off the veils and see
This shining world.

I paint the world between worlds.
Our relationship to nature is really a conversation about that space.